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I have had the WORST customer service experience with UPS. Let me tell you how awful they are at working with the customer. Earlier today I received a notification that UPS had attempted to deliver a package. This particular package requires a signature. I called UPS and told them no one would be able to accept the package on Monday and can they 1) deliver it tomorrow-Saturday or 2) drop it off at a UPS location near my home? I was told that I can "meet up" with the Driver and get the package. At 1:19 pm I received a call from "Joey" who told me to meet the driver on Bennett St in 20 minutes. I asked Joey what the cross street was and he didn't I guess I just look for the Big Brown Box on wheels!! Well, after sitting for an driver to be found. I called UPS again at approx 2:20 pm...I was told to please hold while they call the Hub. The excuse I was given is *** the driver was at lunch and someone would call me right back.

Guess what??? No my 3rd call at 4:30 pm. After being on hold for over 22 minutes I was told by the supervisor yet the driver had 30 more deliveries and he would make another stop at our house. The supervisor so as this would be between 6 and 6:30 pm. We got home at 5:30. I checked the front door and he had not shown up yet. At 7 there had not been a knock at the door or the I checked. This time there was note at the door...he showed up and didn't even bother to notify us he arrived...

Now that I am totally pissed off...I hold for another 20 minutes to get a supervisor on the line. She accidentally connects all 3 of us together with the supervisor at Hub in Sylmar. Not realizing I am on the line..the hub supervisor says "what does he expect us to do? He can come pick it up!"

You know what I expect? I expect web a commitment is keep your commitment. I asked the supervisor what time the driver came by? He said at 9:42 am..I asked about this evening?? And he told me there he didn't record it...I asked if that is standard practice? The supervisor said they don't record everything! I find that hard to believe..

I ask the Supervisor for his name and he said "Eddie" (spelling). I asked for his employe ID number...he refused and said He is the only Eddie. I asked again..and he said not for you..he told me not to raise my voice, otherwise he would hang up..Eddie-the word is empathy!! Try to empathize with the Customer..apologize...even if it's not your fault. Apologize on behalf of all the company...

I know there is nothing you can do..and I know at the end of the day I'm driving to Arleta..but Eddie...I am the customer and I am supposed to be right! You need to go back to training Eddie!! You suck at Customer Service!

I admit, I was angry and pissed off..but this individual continued to antagonize me...not once apologizing for the mistake made by his driver. I asked him to have the package delivered on Saturday...he said it was too late..that Saturday was already set up. Which I find hard to believe.

At the end of the day..6 hours of wasted time...I still have to drive to Arleta to get my package.

Where has the customer in Customer Service gone? Obviously with UPS it's not with the customer...this is not the first time I have experienced this with UPS, and it won't be the last I am sure.

Brown really loves up to the color!!!

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