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I live in Virginia and work for a company in New York. I have to send packages consisting of billing invoices every few weeks. When I have an invoice ready to ship, I schedule a pick-up at my home, and usually send it 2-day air.

The Department that handles my invoices will be shutting down in a few days for vacation, so if my company wants to get paid, we need to have our invoices in ASAP. Knowing this, I scheduled a Saturday pick-up and chose one-day air service so that the package would be delivered today, Monday.

By 10PM Saturday, the package was still sitting there, never picked up. As customer service was closed by then, I had to wait until 7AM this morning to call. When I did, I was told by a very apologetic gentleman that he had put out an emergency call stating that the package MUST be picked up by 10AM. He assured me that the package would arrive in NY by end of business today. I asked him if there was a confirmation number, in case there was still a problem, so that I would have recourse to prove that I had been told it would be delivered today. He told me no, that it was UPS's mistake, and that he was gauranteeing it would be there today, because they HAD to do it.

The package was picked up by 10AM, as promised. However, when I tried to track it in the system, I could not, because it had not been scanned in yet. I called customer service again to make sure that it would be there by this afternoon. The woman I spoke to told me she could not help because the package had not been scanned in, so there was no way for her to track it, either. But she assured me THREE times that since it was picked up on Saturday for one day delivery, it would arrive today. And I explained to HER three times that no, the package had NOT been picked up on Saturday, that was the whole problem. Finally, I gave up on her, as she was useless, and went back to checking the tracking number periodically.

As of 5:30PM, my boss informed me that the package had not been delivered, and there was still no tracking info, because the package had not been scanned in. I called customer service a third time.

The woman that I spoke with told me that there was no way the package would have gotten there today unless an express emergency courier was used, and since I was not transferred to that department by the initial man I spoke to this morning, one obviously had not been used, and thus my package was most likely still sitting in my UPS processing center, not in NY.

When I told her that the man I had spoken to guaranteed my package by the end of the day, she said that was impossible, as the express courier was not contacted. All she saw noted in my file was that I had been promised the package would be PICKED UP today, not delivered. I told her that obviously they needed to go over their delivery policies with their customer service staff, as I had been guaranteed same-day delivery. She replied that all customer service operators are well aware of their policies. And I told her that that was obviously not the case, or I would not have been given my worthless guarantee.

After going back and forth a few more times, I finally told her that I expected a refund at the very least, seeing as now my company will be without a much-needed $45,000 for a month. She told me that that was impossible.

That was when I hung up. So, after UPS's failure to pick up my package as scheduled, false promises to deliver my package in one day, being given the run-around by three customer service agents and neither they nor I knowing where my package was for the better part of the day, I can't even get my company a refund for the $63 delivery and pick-up charges. Talk about the final indignity. And that's not even counting my having to deal with a less-than-pleased boss and having to explain to him why he's out $45,000 for the foreseeable future.

My company uses UPS because we don't have many other options. But this experience has completely soured me on this company. One screw-up I can forgive. But forgetting my package, lying to me, making excuses, not getting it where it needed to be on time, and then not even having the decency to offer a refund are inexcusible in my book.

UPS, you need to re-train your employees as to how to offer actual customer service, as well as to go over your policies and rules, so that agents are not giving out false information. Or you could just pick up your packages in the first place. But obviously that's expecting too much from a company that derives its livelihood from delivering packages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I went back into our company's account and pulled up the history. I can no longer paste the information showing the package promised for Monday delivery, since it is now in the system with a rescheduled delivery date for Tuesday (although, the fact that it says "rescheduled" is a big hint). However, I WAS able to copy the information stating that a Saturday delivery was indeed scheduled. Please see below. Personal details have been removed.

View Pickup Status Pickup Request Number: Removed for Privacy Total Amount: 10.28 USD

Scheduling Information

Your pickup request has been received and a UPS driver will be scheduled to pickup your package(s).

Pickup Date and Time

Pickup Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010

Earliest Pickup Time: 12:00 AM

Latest Pickup Time: 11:00 PM

Pickup Information

Pickup Address: Removed for Privacy

US Telephone: Removed for Privacy

Pick up From: Side Door

Shipment Information

Total Number of Packages: 1

Services Selected: UPS Next Day Air

Total Shipment Weight: 5 lbs

Payment Information for All Fees

UPS Account Number: Removed for Privacy

Alternate Address On-Call Pickup

Total Fees

Total Charge for Pickup: 10.28 USD

Hide Pickup Fee Details

Base Charge 5.00 USD

Fuel Surcharge 0.58 USD

Residential Surcharge 2.20 USD

Total Charges: 10.28 USD


By the way, the response below was directed toward "thexster," not John S. John, your response was actually very helpful. I can only assume that, as you said, there must have been a communication breakdown somewhere. If there is, indeed, no Saturday pick-up, or if pick-ups scheduled for Saturdays are automatically put into the system for the following Monday, I'm confused as to why the website even offers the service. As I said, I'd never used Saturday pick-up before. But my colleague and I both looked at the shipping information before it went through, and we both saw a scheduled pick-up of Saturday with delivery on Monday. There was no fine print indicating that some areas did not offer Saturday delivery. If that's the problem, then I think UPS needs to do a better job clarifying their service options on their website.

As for what I was told by the customer service agent, I can only assure you that I was indeed promised delivery. As I do not work for UPS, I was unaware that such a request would not have been feasible. Additionally, the gentleman who I spoke with initially was exceedingly apologetic and helpful, so I had no reason not to believe him. However, I DID want to make sure that I was protected, which is why I inquired as to a confirmation number of some sort. I'll admit, my suspicions were slightly aroused when he assured me that one would not be necessary, that the delivery WOULD take place, and that was when I began attempting to track the package in the system, to make sure that the package was indeed progressing as necessary.

As I said in my response to "thexster," I understand mistakes are made and misunderstandings occur. However, when they do, I, for one, would be much more understanding of them if they were dealt with honestly by the company making the error. Perhaps the employee with whom I spoke genuinely thought that UPS would be able to deliver my package that day. Or perhaps he did misunderstand my request--although I did reiterate several times that it needed to arrive today. Nevertheless, my company DOES have a problem right now, and I feel that I would be remiss in not alerting others that they need to be careful when shipping with UPS, and that just because the website says something, or you are promised a particular service by a service agent, that is by no means a guarantee of the end result you require.

I thank you for your helpful response, John. I appreciate the information and the insight. My best wishes for a nice evening!


Thanks very much for the information you've provided me with. I'm not sure how you're able to draw the conclusion that I was procrastinating. I was only notified Friday afternoon that my package needed to go out for Monday delivery. But that is neither here nor there. My package was actually ready to go out by 3PM Friday afternoon. But the UPS website did not give me the choice to have the package picked up that day, presumably because it was later in the afternoon. That is why I investigated other options. I had never scheduled a pickup for a Saturday before, as it was never needed, but the UPS website clearly stated that my package was scheduled for pickup on Saturday, and was set for a Monday delivery. That was all I wanted. If you'd like to check on whether or not UPS does indeed offer Saturday pickup, I'd invite you to check out the website. You'll see that they do offer the service. Perhaps it is a fairly new service and that is why you are unfamiliar with the option.

At any rate, if the package had been picked up on Saturday as it was supposed to have been, everything would have been fine. I understand that since the package was NOT picked up until Monday, the chances of it arriving the same day were slim-to-none. But if that is indeed the case, then that information should have been given to me when I called at 7AM this morning. Thus, I'm not quite sure how you're drawing the conclusion that UPS did "everything correct" (the proper term is actually "correctly," by the way). UPS offered Saturday pick-up. UPS did not pick-up. UPS guaranteed me that my package would arrive today. UPS failed to do so. Therefore, they did NOT "do everything correctly." If they had owned up to their mistake and told me that there was no way they could get my package to my office today, then perhaps I could have made other arrangements. If a company is unable to do something, they need to communicate that information to the customer, not leave them hanging all day with no other recourse. I would have had much less of a problem if UPS had been honest with me. And perhaps I would have been able to find another way to ship my package.

I thank you for your response. It's rather amusingly obvious that you work for UPS based on the "blame the customer" attitude going against all logic to the contrary. If you're looking to hide your identity, you'd be better served by making more balanced comments and drawing fewer irrational conclusions. However, as a UPS employee, I'd encourage you to visit your company's website and investigate the services you offer a little more closely before you make suggestions. And I thank you for your concern as to how "bad" the situation makes me look. (I think the word you're looking for is actually "poorly," however.)However, I can assure you that in this situation, my company is more than aware of who comes off poorly in this situation and who does not :) Nevertheless, I'm amused to see that the best defense you have of UPS's actions is to blame me. That essentially epitomizes my problem with UPS in a nutshell. Thanks for further solidifying my opinion of the company! :grin


Honestly, I have a hard time believing an operator told you that your package would be picked up in the morning and delivered later that day. That service doesn't exist, and a customer service rep wouldn't just make that up.

There used to be a something called UPS SonicAir, but that hasn't been in operation since before 9/11 I believe. There are very limited pickups and deliveries on Saturdays. (They do have pick ups at UPS Stores on Saturdays, usually early in the afternoon.) But if you call for a pickup on a Saturday, it goes into the system the next business day, which is Monday. I know a great deal about UPS services and policies, (no I'm not a UPS employee) and I've never heard of an "express emergency courier" before.

Sounds like a misunderstanding from the get go, albeit an expensive one. Sorry to hear that.


You seem somewhat misinformed for a person that ships with this company on a regular basis. I don't know who gave you false information, but there is no possible way a delivery vehicle assigned to one specific delivery area can pick up your package AND have it delivered the same day.

It is called Next Day Air NOT Same Day Air. UPS also has a special Saturday delivery service, but I have never heard of them scheduling a pick up for Saturday. Sounds like you should not have waited until the last minute (the weekend) to prepare your material.

UPS did everything correct. I think you just needed someone to place the blame of your procrastination on, since all of this is going to look bad on you.