Humble, Texas
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Here's the video. I recommend sharing this to @UPS on Twitter

I have more video of the UPS driver arriving. I'm not sure what all I should do about this or if I'm overreacting. It completely irritates me that he took all that time to find the spray assuming its pepper spray since my dog was rubbing her face in the grass constantly. He just sprayed them through the fence. I actually confronted him. I said Hi there, did you spray them. He said, 'huh' while starting his vehicle. I said DID YOU SPRAY THEM. He said Yeah, I said Okay sarcastically. He then said, they need to Back Off...While driving off! I said, Don't do that again. He then drove off and delivered the rest of the packages. He usually drives back down our street to leave where I was going to capture his license plate but he drove another direction this time. I wonder why. I see no reason to pepper spray animals that are behind a chain link fence. Unless he opened it, he had nothing to worry about.

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Our dogs are our family! All 4 of them, if someone tried to hurt them, here in Memphis, it's criminal charges, not civil.

No u are not over reacting, they should be held responsible for there actions! How inhumane, and cruel :sigh .


I don't blame you for being upset. I would be just as angry!

Did you call corporate? Even if you didn't get his licence plate, if he's the usual guy for your neighborhood they'll know who he is