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I ship things alot form our online store and for our other businesses and have always used Fedex. Ont he occasion I have to use UPS at the customer's request, we always have a problem.

the other day we sent a tube with material in it. The tube had caps on the ends that were glued and taped. The tube arrived and one of the caps was missing and the contents had fallen out. UPS, acting quickly, called us to tell us about the package and how they were not going to pay for it because ti didn't have 2" of packaging.

Does that make sense? The tube was OPENED and the material was MISSING, who gives a *** about the packaging. The worst part for me though, was the fact they called me out of the blue to tell me they weren't going to fix the problem they had caused.

Usually you have to wait on hold for 30 minutes to have a woman, who always speaks very poor "ghetto" English ( I swear, doesn't anyone every tell these people that it is inappropriate to "axe" a question and to say "Huh?" when on the phone as a customer service rep?), tell you its everyone's fault but their own. F- UPS!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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If the claim is denied, dispute it and have ups come and inspect your packaging and get this reversed and get your money back. Call ghetto c/s to get this done. If the agent isn't helping escalate the call.


Yeah, you sound really professional yourself judging by your comments. Good thing You kept your company anonymous, because I personally would never do business with you.

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