Today while at work I saw a UPS employee throw two large packages over a six foot fence into a muddy yard and drive away. I was appalled. This happened in Chicago and the license number was 1319.

Over Christmas I was sent a package by my Mother. She's a little elderly and sent it to my old address. The UPS driver dropped it off there anyways, even though our name hasn't been on the mail box for over two years. The package was worth $300 and was never seen again. JC Penny replaced the package.

What in the world is going on? I've always used UPS, but maybe not any more.

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You mailed something to an address. They delivered it.

Endgame. You failed.


you sent it to your old address and it's the drivers fault??Way to blame ups for your fuckup..DUMDASS *** PEOPLE..

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