Harrison, Arkansas
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Due to my remote location I buy mostly on the internet, unfortunately most of the stuff is shipped through UPS, lately ALL of the packages come in filthy, dirty, dusty, grime & grit all over them, I feel for the driver, he is also covered in dust & grime, its 2011 get some enclosed trucks! and deliver CLEAN packages, they come in looking like they were on a wagon train

in the 1800's, what a *** poor delivery company.

Take some lessons from Fedex, I don't care for them either, but at least I receive clean packages. I got a ladder in yesterday on UPS, I had to take a water hose and wash it before I could use it, that is absolutely pitiful!

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Hey jimmy sorry I called you a ***. After looking into the problem, I found out that hardly any delivery trucks (including Fedex) out there have A/C. I suppose the guy that comes out my way happens to be one of the few. I also realized that you were referring to the enclosed area behind the cab that is secure (not the actual cab where the doors are open). After talking to my driver he told me the dust particles get in the back but have no way to blow out so it settles on the packages just like the window example that you used!

I am not a business man, just a simple minded country boy so I didn't realize that from a corporate perspective, it would be a complete waste of money to install air conditioners on trucks as it would be a huge huge cost with zero return. I guess that is why UPS is the biggest company out there.....I have to go spray my ladders off that I just ordered.

Thanks for the help jimmy:)


A real live *** Jim is, The trucks they use are not air conditioned, and in 90+ weather the poor driver opens everything he can to get air flow including dirt ,dust grime and anything else in the air. And you want to tell be about gravel roads, Duh..

I live here!

Fedex packages are clean because all of their delivery trucks are air conditioned! Jim you lack 2 points of being an *** and missed the point completely....find something productive to do


"Due to my remote location"

Right there is the problem! If you live in a rural area with gravel driveways and gravel roads and dirt roads and dirt driveways, it's going to get dirty genius!

Those trucks are completely secure, but not airtight. Do you want people to die back there?! Try rolling all the windows down in your car then go up and down a gravel or dirt driveway about 100 times, then see what the inside of your car looks like. No I am not exaggerating, That driver is going up roads, delivering, then back down before the dust settles.

I can not believe your lack of common sense. I hope you are joking.

That is the whole point of a cardboard box...for protection! You sir, are an ignoramus.