My package was supposed to be "delivered by the end of the day".. Waited 3 hours for it after work and nothing!

I checked the tracking on my package and it said "first attempt tried". Meanwhile I never got a bell ring nor did they leave a note slip. Now I have to wait until Monday for them to "attempt" to deliver my package again. I called UPS and filed a complaint.

It probably won't do anything but it made me feel good! Thanks for the crappy service UPS!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Gainesville, Florida, United States #992407

You said you waited for it after work; how do you know they didn't attempt it while you were at work?

to Anonymous Yonkers, New York, United States #992410

Because the tracking said "at the end of the day". They usually ring the bell and if I'm not there in time, they'll leave the yellow note on the mailbox. They made absolutely no attempts that day.

Dallas, Texas, United States #991943

Were you homewhen the attempt was made?

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #992066


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