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UPS MyChoice really should be called NoChoice. Before I get started on that let me first say why the *** don't they deliver to residences when people are actually at home instead of during the day when people are at work.

After an unsuccessful attempt to have someone sign for the package they sent it back to their shipping center which is 30 miles away! So then the delivery schedule shows that they will attempt delivery two more times, both when everyone will be at work, I was offered the "solution" to have the delivery time changed or ship to UPS Store through the MyChoice site. My tracking number never transferred to the MyChoice site so this was basically useless. Well it turns out that if you try to have a package shipped to a different address than what is the billing address of your cell phone (which is what I was trying to do) the system won't let you.

Also in all it's wisdom it asks to send you a code via text or voicemail in order to authenticate your info. But of course that didn't work because of the billing address issue. So ultimately I had to have UPS send the package back to the shipper and start the process all over again.

This time I most definitely will select in store pick up. Thanks for nothing UPS!!!

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Orlando, Florida, United States #830659

Once again someone complaining UPS delivers during business hours. When exactly would you like for them to deliver the package to you?

How about about 6PM when you are just sitting down to eat and get a knock on the door? Or 9 or 10 when you're getting ready for bed?

to MattD78 #901533

The writer didn't say it would be a problem for deliveries to come at 6 pm or 9 pm or 10 pm. So there's no need to assume this in your response.

On the main item which the writer addressed: the company can address the issue by having two or even three delivery-blocks with different charges.

People who want evening delivery hours can have it for additional cost.

The extra cost paying for the extra overhead the company incurs for extending delivery hours beyond the traditional business day. Some people would complain about this, but most would understand the business logic and have no problem paying more for evening or weekend delivery.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #830508

So should they deliver at night when you're sleeping?

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