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I am so angry at UPS. When I ship things, I NEVER go through them, however unfortunately when I buy things they are the only shipping company.

3 Times in a row that UPS has shipped something, its been screwed up. First, they didn't knock on the door, they left a $500 package sitting there and it was raining. Second, they said they tried to deliver something, but I never got one of the info notice slips, so I asked if I could get it at the station. I get there, they give me the package ALREADY OPENED because they delivered it to the wrong house and that *** opened my package.

UPS didn't even apologize nor be courteous and reclose the package. Now today is the third time. Apparently they attempted to deliver it this morning and I was out walking the dog. So I call to get it picked up at the costumer center.

They couldn't find my package or any information on it based on their own notice tracking numbers. What's the point of having barcodes and tracking information if your employees don't do their jobs? They had to transfer me through four different people in order for someone to figure out where my package was. Ridiculous!

I've worked in customer service for ten years and never EVER seen this much neglect for the basics of a persons job duties, AND costumer service. There is no excuse.

I am telling everyone I know and businesses to NEVER ship through UPS at all. USPS/snail mail is better than UPS!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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