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I missed the first delivery attempt and a note was left on my door. The note said they would attempt to deliver my package the next day. I was not going to be available to sign for the package so I went online and requested that my package be held at the UPS Office. Once I completed the request I was informed that I would have to pick up my package within 5 business days.

The next day I took a long lunch break from work and drove 40 minutes to the UPS office and pick up my package. When I got there they couldn't find my package. I checked the tracking number for my package and saw that it had made its way on a truck and attempted to be delivered to my house for the second time. The person behind the counter said "that happens all the time". That is not what I wanted to hear.

So now I have to plan another long lunch from work and drive all the way back to the office and hopefully pick up my package.

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