Newton Grove, North Carolina

I ordered an item on April 15, 2015 that was coming from west virginia to North Carolina. I wanted to make sure it was going to be here on time for the following week due to leaving.

I called UPS and ask them about my choice to upgrade the package. So I did so on the 16th. I called and spoke to several different UPS representives and ask " what day will my package be delivered on"? And everyone one of them said "Monday".

I thought great!!! UPS didn't screw it up this time. We'll I kinda thought something was wrong when I checked online info and what they said over the phone was the complete opposite. So today is that Monday and I called UPS and asked so is today the day my package will be delivered like you all promise by 3 different reps.

AND I'M LEAVING TOWN FOR THE WEEK! The answer was uhhhh.... not sure.. just keep checking your tracking info...

WHAT ! Your not sure I paid extra to make sure it will be here I was promised this is what I needed to do to have this package here! Do your job UPS! So now I don't know if it will be here and I'm not calling to speak to that wonderful customer service that ups has they sound like a bunch of lazy,tired I hate my job employees.

Whenever this package is delivered I will do whatever I can to only ship with fed ex! I never once had a problem with them. Ups really don't care well thanks for upgrading your package and sorry for getting our info wrong so your package will show up at some point. Good luck !

That should be there commercial slogan "you will see us when you see us". I'm very unhappy with the customer service there rude.

And I was nice and tried to just get some answers until they just like who cares attitude! I'm done with ups!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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