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I'm in buffalo NY and right now friday the 21st the weather has been bad here since Tuesday. I understand that weather can delay items.

I tried calling today to pickup my pkg and told me I would be called within the hour. Never got a call. I called again and was told the lady planned for me to pick it up Monday when I told her today (Friday). So I was suppose to get another call...

Never did. I called again found out that they were closed since Wednesday. The best part of all this is I called earlier and I was told my pkg was on a truck today to be delivered today. This company has absolutly no consideration for its customers and just horrible customer service.

I will tell absolutly everyone I know about my experience not just this time but other times I have had problems with this company. This being the worst, I will not do business with this company again. There are other carries I can ask for and I will do everything to avoid UPS. I would like my money back but I guarantee after all the grief I went through and this message I know I wont.

UPS is a perfect example of a huge company that is just a bully and being a huge player in the shipping world they think they can do whatever they feel to their customers. I'm done with them.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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are you *** kidding me? Are you that much of a *** that you expect someone to risk their own life to deliver your meaningless package to you in those conditions?

When you open your front door to a wall of snow, how in the *** do you expect someone to deliver something to you?? Get a *** clue you *** loser!!!!!