UPS dropped off a package I did not order. A former friend sent two packages via Fed-Ex and one via UPS.

I called to have UPS pick it up, told them I was refusing the package as I didn't order it. UPS said it couldn't be done without my information. UPS refused to retrieve the package without my contact information. After several calls UPS agreed to pick-up the package, giving a date, but failed to do so.

When I called, they said they would have someone call me back, so I needed to give them my information. This was merely a game UPS was playing to get my information. After 18 calls to UPS, and weeks of UPS games to get my information, UPS finally got the package. When I called Fed-Ex to pick up the two packages they dropped off, Fed-Ex picked them up the next day.

One call to Fed-Ex/No Games from Fed-Ex vs weeks and 18 calls to UPS. UPS sucks and their customer service representatives are rendered helpless by their employer.

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