I ordered something from Canada ten days ago and normally, waiting a little extra for an out of the country package doesn't bother me in the least. However, getting out of customs wasn't the problem.

Apparently a UPS truck was late which supposedly delayed arrival. Okay, I'm alright with that, was a little annoyed only because the items in the package are sensitive to heat and I didn't want to get a melted bunch of products. However, they arrived literally fifteen minutes away from my house about midday the day after they were supposed to be here. So I figured they'd come the next day.

No dice. The items are now two days over due and they have been sitting fifteen minutes away not being delivered, and I can't even go pick it up! Now I will have to wait until Tuesday to get an item that should have been here Wednesday.

I hope that the items aren't melted and ruined. I'm really disappointed by UPS this time around.

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