Packages was sent on the 16th was supposed to be delivered as it said on the 20th guaranteed, waited all day, spoke to CSR told me to wait some more and by 8pm nothing. Called the shipped and they opened a Tracer for a lost package for me.

On the 23rd my account was changed to Exception and I've received no other information on the package. It was a phone so I'm a little bit more than pissed / upset. Apparently also rumour has it the Vernon, CA location is notorious for loosing (stealing) packages so I'll be surprised if it shows up.

I will NEVER use this company again and urge every single person using the service to do the same AND to contact the shipper (whether it be JC Penny, Amazon, Sears, ETC) and let them know that if they intend on using UPS in the future you will order elsewhere. The only way to effect companies like this is through the pocketbook.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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