Rochester, New York

I was expecting an overnight package that I had paid extra to receive. It was properly shipped from the shipper on 3/6 and scheduled to arrive on 3/7.

On 3/7 - no package; I called UPS customer service and was told it would still arrive by 7pm on 3/7. It is now 3/8 and still no package. Just called UPS customer service again and was told it would be here by 7pm on 3/8. I asked why it wasn't delivered when it was supposed to be and was told the shipper could initiate a "tracker" and it could take 8 days to track the package!!!!

And, only the shipper could initiate the tracker. I had already called the shipper and they said it was out of their hands and was now between me and UPS. I finally convinced the agent to transfer me to someone who could look into it further and all he could tell me was it would be here today by 7pm. Don't use UPS if you want to ensure overnight really means overnight.

Should have just let it come by the US postal service. Would probably have been here by now.

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Well sucks for you then, you oredered from someone with poor customer service. Because the reality is the shipper is likely entitled to a refund on the shipping, thus will file for a shipping refund and will receive it, and they are keeping that money instead of returning it to you.

Did UPS screw up?

Quite probably. But, their guarantee only applies to the person/company that pays the UPS bill.

You paid the company that pays that bill. Be pissed for the late delivery but you should be MORE pissed at the shipper for ripping you off.


I had a similar experience with 2 day shipping. My package started in Nebraska, went to another city in nebraska, then to Seattle washington, then to Kentucky, then to commerce city in Colorado and then my town in Colorado the day after that.

8 days for 2 day shipping, package goes across the country and back, and they still have the audacity to offer me UPS credit but not a refund of my extra money. Dismal.


Such wishful and idealistic thoughts, "common sense"! The company that "shipped" the package will not even take responsibility for tracking the package, much less give me any refund!!

The company merely told me to call UPS when I complained that I did not have my package - they were not responsible. And the weather was beautiful on the proposed delivery day, and I was available ALL day, and I have yet to find the notice of delivery the UPS website CLAIMS was left (UPS could not tell me WHERE the notice was left).

So I may get 4-6 day delivery while I paid for two day delivery if I get delivery AT ALL - I was informed that only a certain number of delivery attempts will be made before the package is returned. Still do not have my package and the happy voices at UPS don't know where it is until Monday, maybe.


Look if a company is delivering millions of packages a day, it stands to reason, some packages will end up being late; whether the reason is mechanical breakdown, human error, weather, and so forth.

UPS is a guaranteed delivery service. If your package was late due to forces other than acts of God ie weather, you are entitled to a refund.

The caveat is, the refund goes to the person who paid for the shipping which means the shipper. If you paid a company for shipping and your product you are not the shipper and thus will have to request a refund from the company who shipped to you.

Now stop your crying and make a call and quit playing the victim.


I got same problem but i payed 3 days shipping. I was expecting a package 3/6-3/7.

I was so excited and waited all day and after few hrs i got an email saying package will be deliver friday 3/9. This is why i hate UPS.. I felt like i got scammed? Maybe...

Bunch of liars and customer service sucks!!!! I don't know why this company still running :(


Ups totally sucks. It seems like every time I have to order something overnight it never makes it.

How come I can't get my package all because the driver took it to the wrong carrier? What happened to customer first? If I would have known I was gonna get it two days later I probably would have chosen that delivery which would have been free.

I want my *** money back because I've been ripped off. Seems like if you want something you got to go get it yourself tear days.