I sent a package to California on 12-24-09 via the UPS store in Royal Oak on Woodward. It was never delivered to the correct address in California but left on the front porch of a previous address they stored in their computer.

After finally finding it in a city over 50 miles away, it was supposedly caught in San Fran and a customer service representative from UPS said they'd reroute it. Oh no-it was shipped back to the original sending point in Royal Oak and UPS Representatives said they would be nice enough to refund the original shipping cost. No customer service recovery, no nothing. NEVER SEND ANYTHING UPS.

All experiences with the United States Postal Service have been better than this; they even refunded overnight charges when they failed delivery the next day AND STILL DELIVERED THE PACKAGE. UPS, YOU HAVE REALLY GONE DOWNHILL!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Sounds like UPS DID MAKE AN HONEST MISTAKE but, they guarantee priority shipping by a certain time and refund your money if that promise is made, so FREE SHIPPING!! they made a mistake you, got your money back and package still delivered. HORRIBLE JUST HORRIBLE LOL!!


Verifying that you sent it to the right address in the first place would have been a good idea. They don't just pick an arbitrary address from your address book to send it to.

And what are you talking about "customer service recovery"?

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