I ordered some products from Amazon, and most important among them was a client's computer. Upon checking my tracking, I see that my package was to be delivered on time.

The day goes by and no UPS. I check the tracking again and it read, "The customer was not available on 1st attempt. A second attempt will be made." I found that odd, seeing as how there was no knock on my door all day or a UPS note. Well I waived it off and said to myself, they will be here tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes and goes, no package (a UPS truck was not seen in my neighborhood all day). I check the tracking again, "The customer was not available on second attempt. A third attempt will be made." At this point, I am pretty pissed off. I get on the phone with UPS support and you know what they told me?

"I am sorry to hear about that sir, sometimes, our drivers won't complete their routes before the day is up so they can go home early. They log the rest of their packages in the manner you saw on your tracking information." Are you kidding me? As a customer service representative, you are outright telling me that this delay of service was due to the drivers incompetence and unwillingness to complete his route on a Thursday and Friday night? He shyly agreed and began to stutter his way through another apology.

I asked for a manager. The manager said EXACTLY what the previous rep said and also added that he could nothing for me. I told him that I wanted the number for my local UPS warehouse. He presumed to tell me that he doesn't have that information but he could arrange for someone to call me from that location on Monday.

I commented on his uselessness and then hung up the phone. Monday comes around (the day I am writing this review) and I get a call at 8:00AM from UPS and don't answer. The voice mail left on my inbox was left by Heather, who I assume to be someone in charge of customer service at this local facility. She explains that in the driver's personal notes he states,"Incorrect gate code for entry." I called her back once I got to my office about an hour later.

We spoke casually about the incident for the first two minutes and then she asked me what the gate code was so that she can pass it on to the driver, she also said there was a code in the system but for whatever reason, she couldn't see it (she even said, "It's ***, I know"). Little did she know, I spoke with my landlord and CONFIRMED that the gate code had not been changed. I also confirmed that he had received UPS packages just the week before. See our landlord doesn't hand out the gate code to residents in order to preserve the privacy of the complex (we all use clickers), a policy of which I agree with.

I tell her that we are not given the gate code and she immediately outbursts," Well that's the problem right there!" To which I replied, no it is not. We have received packages here before without a problem so why now would the driver suddenly have problems getting into the complex considering that I confirmed the code hasn't changed? To me, it sounds as though the driver never actually made an attempt to enter the complex, as your national rep so boldly pointed out, this is apparently a common occurrence. She then tells me that national UPS customer support does not know what they are talking about and not to listen to them.

I started to laugh and asked, you are both a part of the same company are you not? I then told her that I don't appreciate her rudeness and blatant disrespect to my intelligence. I told her she needs to fire the driver and hire a competent one. To which she said, "Well, I am just going to put in the notes on this order that the customer failed to provide me with gate code.

Thank you, have a great day. CLICK." I will never be shipping through UPS again. Apparently, they value their customer's business very little. Their false conviction allows them to have no problem being dishonest and unnecessarily rude to the people who keep who pay for their service.

If you are reading this, it is probably because you had a similar situation with UPS. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor, spread the word. IF we don't express our negative experiences with UPS, they will never change or rightfully find themselves out of business. I am still waiting for my package right now and highly doubt that it will be delivered.

Meaning, I will have to drive to the warehouse myself to pick it up.

And if it is delivered, it proves the driver had been deliberately negating his responsibilities. Spread the word.

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