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Ordered a kindle from a company who chose to use UPS as the postal carrier. They were able to ship from Massachusetts to Long Beach Ca in LESS than a day.

But my package has been pigeonholed for almost FOUR days in a facility only an HOUR away from my residence!! Safe to assume that since i didnt spend the extra dime for expedited shipping, i havent "earned" my package sooner than the estimated delivery date. As a business, wouldnt you want an extremely pleased customer rather than a pissed and agitated one? Regardless of whether or not we earned it??

If you ARE going to hoard packages JUST BECAUSE that customer didnt pay for it, then its a BAD idea to offer tracking for that package.

As the customer can SEE the fact that that package is being held. Jerks.

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its not being held. what you saw is a virtual scan, not a physical one.

it means its on a train en route to you, but not actually there yet. its misleading yes, and frankly i dont even know why they the virtual scans ahead of actual delivery.

if it was actually in CA, its more efficient to get it on a truck and get it delivered then it is to store it in the warehouse and let packages pile up. did you expect to get something for nothing?


You described UPS with one single word...the very last one you used "JERKS" Unfortunately that is the very reason I avoid them as my carrier of choice whenever possible, but seems I'm not enough!

Maybe you'll be number two!


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