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Every single time I order an item which has to come via UPS, I know I'm in for several days of arguing with them because they can't seem to ever get my package delivered when it should be.Today, I tracked a package all day long.

I know when it arrived at the hub this morning (5 AM). Here it is 6 PM and the package is still sitting at the hub. Apparently, it takes much longer than 13 hours to put a package on a truck. Calling customer service is a joke, calling corporate is a joke.

They don't care, they are only interested in passing the buck on to the next guy. I am tired of paying for shipping to have my package arrive anywhere between 1 and 3 days late. Shipments from them are never on time. Anytime I have called customer service, I get some song and dance about how sorry they are.

They aren't sorry enough to figure out what they are doing wrong and correct it. Like I said, this is not an isolated incident, it happens each and every time I am expecting a package via UPS. They need to go to the hub near my home and figure out what is going on there because something is not right.

As it stands, I will no longer do business with any company that uses UPS to ship products.

I stopped shipping via UPS a long time ago. I am also calling the companies I do business with and letting them know who unreliable their shipper is.

If enough people complain about UPS and their service, maybe companies will find alternate shippers.As it is, I'm sure I won't be getting my package for another 2 to 3 days even though it is sitting 15 minutes from my house.

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