Package tracking shows delivery was on-time today. I get home from work and I have received two other items I ordered, but not the big box I am expecting. I call the UPS 800 number to see where my shipment is, and make sure they understand I will be out of town. I am told the item should be delivered today. Sometimes more than one truck will be dispatched to a residential area. Time passes while I attend to daily life so I call back around 10pm. I inform them that the package still hasn't arrived and ask about Saturday delivery options as, like I said earlier, I will be out of town soon.They person puts me on hold to checks their system, status, or some other BS and tells me that package delivery can occasionally run as late as 11-12pm. Please call back at 11pm if there is still no delivery and the package can be expedited. Lo, and behold, 11pm arrives without a package in sight. I call back and explain my predicament again, where I am told I am being transferred to a *** for the department that can set up the Saturday shipment. 3 minutes later the line goes dead. No, it wasn't my cell phone. They just hung up on me. On a whim, I check the tracking page around 1130 and the status is now "In Transit." Still, I call back as I have been told twice now that a Saturday delivery is possible. It was just more wasted breath. The last person I spoke with said there is no possible way to arrange for Saturday delivery or pick-up, and refused to let me speak with a supervisor. It wasn't until the end that I was told they could hold it at the facility! All the prior people said I should call the shipper to have them send another shipment to an alternate destination. They are more than willing to shift blame and responsibility anywhere in an effort to further *** off the people who are expecting them to simply do their jobs as promised.

With Disgust,


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