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UPS push thier workforce very hard to work faster.They time them, followow them, and make them memorize 5 pages of safety material 100% or they fail/suspended.

B/C of this micro management system the packages get thrown, tossed and at times packages fall hard to the ground. The employees rush to keep management off thier backs. I actually hate receiving packages from UPS b/c they arrived crushed and beat-up looking. Fed Ex boxes arrive neat clean and unharmed.

I noticed the USPS has become faster, I use them for my shipping needs 95% of the time.


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I agree.UPS consistently doesn't deliver accurately and gives fraudulent reasons.

Fro example, my son ordered materials fro REI and got a card saying they couldn't deliver because of "Special Event - undeliverable" - that is baloney! I was home all day and there sure was no special event going on!

So he drove 30 miles to get the package himself and then the next day a notice came in the mail saying "Inaccurate deliver Infomation"!

What an incompetent company.How can they stay in business?

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