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I moved six weeks before a UPS package was to be delivered. 4 minutes away to be exact.

I had to wait till a first delivery attempt to "change address online" as they were unable to do anything without that information.(no tracking info guys?)It did not matter to them a stranger was now going to receive or deny my item. Online I was asked to enter my credit card # and after 11 attempts and 3 cards later. I was still informed my cards were invalid try again. Sounds fishy to me.

Also no "get help link". They get paid and then could care less about the customer.

This has been the most frustrating in a long history of UPS problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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" They are not customer friendly if you are not the person "paying" for shippment."

your not the customer. somone already explained that to you.

for all they know when u call your some theif trying to reroute something. they have no way of verifying your id. besides theres no ups method that takes 6 weeks the most it takes domestically is five business days.

so all you had to do is tell the company u ordered it from that u moved. j crack corn knows the score.


You miss a couple of points. One I moved after the order was placed.

Two I was advised by UPS to go online after first delivery attempt. Bottom line. They are not customer friendly if you are not the person "paying" for shippment. The receipiant is out of luck.

I still have to deal w/getting my package from my old address. Keep in mind all the while I paid the shipper for shipping so in fact I am the "paying" customer


Of course the smarter thing to do would have been to have it shipped to your current address in the first place.

The person or company that sent the package to you paid UPS to do so, and they have to follow through. Imagine if anyone could just call UPS claiming to be someone else, asking UPS to reroute a package to a new address. That'd be a pretty serious flaw in their system, so obviously they don't do that.

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