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This is the third time UPS has left a UPS InfoNotice that they attempted to deliver a package. I work from home with 2 people onsite and 2 dogs that bark at a knock or doorbell ring. I was waiting for a time sensitive package. The driver does not ring or knock on the door. I spoke with a neighbor, that also works from home, and she complained about the same thing happening. She has also received packages for someone on another street. We receive overseas packages via DHL and no problem. FedEx, no problems. USPS no problem. I called customer service and still no call back from the local delivery center.

December, I paid for a early AM delivery. 8:00am rolls around no package. I called at 8:30 and they said out for delivery. 11:45 I can see him stopping at other homes for normal delivery. I chewed him a new one. The package clearly had the Early AM label on it. Instead of apologizing, he said they have a window during the holiday. I told him for 1 if it was 10:30 delivery he is late too but the fact it was Early AM Delivery and UPS policy is regardless of holiday is Early AM packages are to arrive by 7:30am

I used to have respect for UPS but ever since the UPS strike the service has gone down drastically.

Another example how Unions are ruining America.

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