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Beware UPS hidden fees. I used the UPS store on Cambie near 18th yesterday.

I asked whether they did regular postage. The man said yes, put my large envelop on a non-metered scale and charged me $3.52. After paying, he then said, 'everything's fine. we'll put in the mailbox for you.' I said "I can put it in the mailbox." That's when things turned funny.

The man very hesitantly took my envelop to another scale, one that is metered. It was at this point that I noticed that the first scale was not a metered one. He stood there a spell and finally, pressed the button and a postage sticker came out. He handed me back my stamped letter and I proceeded to walk out the store.

Then, I noticed that the postage read just over 2 dollars! I went back and asked about this and the man said 'we're not canada post so we charge a service fee for putting postage on letters.'

i got angry and replied that nowhere was this mentioned. 2ndly, i was paying close to double just to have ups put on a postage. thirdly, I was angered by the theatre of it all--I would have been none the wiser if I had just let them put it in the mailbox.

I demanded to know what the service rate is and the man then offered to give me back nearly a dollar and a half. I persisted and he offered that they have no system. He then said: 'we have a right to charge a fee for a service.' I yelled back that "that's not the point here.' There were others in the room and he then apologized.

Don't use UPS, at least not the outlet on Cambie and 18th. Ask what hidden charge there is for a letter if you do use them.

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