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I have two separate incidents to speak about.

The first incident occurred a few weeks ago. UPS delivered a package that was supposed to be signed for and instead of getting a signature the delivery person just left the package on the front porch at 7:40pm. I checked the front porch the next morning and the package was nowhere to be found. I contacted UPS and the agent I spoke with said that the proof of delivery was that the delivery person said they had left the package on the front porch and they would not take any action about my missing package. I was forced to take matters into my own hands. I contacted the company who had sent the package and they were gracious enough to send me a second item. I then filed a police report with regards to the original package. UPS did nothing to remedy the situation.

The second incident occurred earlier this week. My father has cancer and he receives his medication from the VA, shipped by UPS. Up until this point there have not been any issues, but with this most recent shipment the delivery person did not deliver the medication to our front door. On Friday Sept. 18, 2015 the delivery person tried to deliver the medication and there was no answer so the driver left an InfoNotice that said the item would be re-delivered on the next business day. The next business day was this past Monday Sept. 21, 2015 and the package was not re-delivered so we called UPS and spoke with an agent who said they would deliver the package the next business day which was Tuesday. Tuesday rolled around and still the package was not delivered, so we called UPS again and were told that the delivery person had delivered my father's medication to an "Access Point" and we would have to go to this "Access Point" to pick up the medication. In this case the "Access Point" is a wireless store called Payless Wireless. I was expecting this store to have a UPS kiosk or a UPS counter. NO, there was no UPS presence at all. The employee behind the counter was not a UPS employee and he said UPS drops off packages at his store and he keeps them in a closet. The medications that UPS was delivering are Morphine and Hydromorphone, two drugs that are government regulated, and they left these drugs at a store with someone who is not a UPS employee. I think pharmacies need to rethink their use of UPS as a delivery option, because leaving packages with a non-UPS employee means that there is no guarantee of security, to borrow a legal term, doesn't this break the chain of custody?

I think that people are thinking that the packages that they send with UPS are secure, but they are not. UPS does not have the same regulations as the US Postal Service. We all know that it is a federal offence to tamper with the US mail. There are obviously no consequences for tampering with UPS packages. My experiences have shown me that UPS does not hold itself to any standard. I have never shipped a package with UPS and after these experiences I never will. Furthermore, I will no longer shop at online retailers who use UPS to ship their packages. I hope the VA will stop shipping medication with UPS as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Mail Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

UPS Cons: Package not delivered.

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