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I ordered two small computer parts from Newegg a week ago. The package, which was shipped using 3-day mail, should have arrived Thursday night. At 8:30 PM, the tracking page said that UPS had encountered "emergency conditions beyond UPS' control". They rescheduled the delivery to Friday, same thing, at the exact same time. Saturday, at 1 PM, UPS comes with a small envelope with a gift card for my brother.

I expect UPS to keep delaying this package after the weekend is over. I'm very annoyed, as the three day shipping I paid for cost half as much as one of the products. There was a nice amount of snow on Thursday, but Friday has been completely clear and sunny.

UPS has never given me any trouble until this week, and I'm getting very annoyed.

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I have "Emergency Conditions". It has been perfectly dry, perfectly sunny.

I'm guessing the truck broke down, and this makes it seem like "hey, what can we do? not our fault".


Get over it!! You clearly have no idea how the shipping business works.

You waited until the last possible minute to order a Christmas present and then you get mad when it snows and delays your package. Order your stuff earlier next time.


Just to let you know, as the wife of a 23+ year driver, UPS does not notify their drivers regarding these types of decisions made. I can understand the frustration of expecting a package for a Christmas gift and not getting it, but the quality of service given by the drivers is always THE BEST.

Being unionized has nothing to do with the quality of service provided. UPS has always delivered PACKAGES not overnight letters and small parcels. If management has made this type of poor decision not to deliver packages, it has NOTHING to do with the drivers; the guys who work out there every day. So when your package arrives after Christmas, don't take your frustration out on the guy delivering it; it is NOT his fault and had nothing to do with it.

Call UPS corporate or voice your opinion at your local center - they are the ones who made this decision. My husband was sad to hear this story on CNN = could not believe what he was hearing!


Like you, I ordered from Newegg to be delivered on Thursday, and now am in the same boat. Weather lie aside, and it IS a LIE, they should have delivered today, but didn't.

Don't *** on my leg and tell me it's raining, then turn around and stick it to me again.

I've never had a problem with UPS before, but walking into a Christmas party and not having the gifts was really awkward. Of course, there's USPS, but they openly have the attitude that things will get there when they get there - typical government - hurry up and do what YOU are supposed to do, but we work on our own schedule.


You should be aware that UPS drivers are unionized and FedEx are not. That explains the difference in quality---UPS is not dependable while FedEx delivers.


Our package showed up as being in town on Wednesday but was delayed Thursday due to weather. We did not receive it, although it was in town, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

It is now Sunday, Christmas, and there are presents missing under out tree due to UPS's excuses.

NICE way to do business. Merry Christmas UPS.


Just to let u know, ups gives its center managers the ability to scan pkgs as emergency conditions and not deliver them due to snow..But check this out, the managers then tell there drivers to deliver what ever they can and then just sheet whats left over, dont deliver it and b back in 9 and a half hours.. Chances are they probably could have got your pkg to you but used this emergency condition as an excuse to not have to pay their drivers more overtime.

It's a game they play because at ups all that matters is ups and their money...They could care less about u and your pkg. Call Atlanta and complain, it's your right!