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If you're looking for a carrier to deliver your goods, look elsewhere. I have had nothing but headaches from UPS. It would take me too long to recount every irritating event but I've had enough of putting up with it and I am going around on all channels making sure that this is heard. They call themselves a "˜business solution' and take pride in their "˜logistics' but all I see is a poorly managed business. When shipping through UPS you have the option of adding on a few dollars for insurance coverage on the package. We do this for almost all packages and when UPS delivered a box torn up with a giant hole to our customer, they did not bother to apologize to the customer or us or tape it up or reimburse us for additional costs incurred for replacing that package. Instead, the jackasses said this:

Thank you for your response. Our records indicate that the claim for this shipment with tracking number 1Z60E266036947**** has been denied due to insufficient packaging. You will receive your e-mailed claim notification within 90 minutes

If it's insufficient packaging then why isn't every single package of the same type arriving in the same condition? Instead of taking responsibility they decided to question our packaging. Really? I told the idiots to come by and pick up the box. They haven't done this probably because they are dragging their *** or they really don't want to reimburse $26.

There are many more stories like this and it has always been a hassle to get UPS to step up.

If I were in charge I would switch to Fedex. I would have switched to Fedex months ago.

If YOU are in charge, then I suggest you avoid UPS.

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all carriers have packaging guidelines they expect shippers to adhere to. the fact that you've had some packages not get damaged speaks to how good their service is, depite your efoorts, or lack thereof.

let's put it this way, you can drive hundreds of miles without your kids wearing a seatbelt, and they survive just fine.

but there may be that one time when a dog runs in front of your car, you slam on the brakes and little johnnie cracks his head on the windscreen.

figure your having sent many packages without proper packing and no damage was a cost savings and apply that to this loss, ie you are self insuring. btw, it's what amazon does too only they understand and don't go online acting like little b!tches.

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