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I have a scheduled delivery on a Friday. I had to take the day off to be there for the delivery.

Around 8pm I checked the status of my delivery and it just said "On time." At 1:30am it updated and removed the scheduled delivery date. I called the UPS customer support and they said it was not in my area yet. I told them according to the tracking site, it had an Arrival Scan 10 miles away at the distribution site. All I got was, "thats not what I see.." I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on.

I called back and got another service rep who saw it arrived at my distribution site, it just hung out there for 12 hours and they don't know why...I will now have to wait till Monday for delivery.

I am very annoyed at the UPS network and how i cannot even schedule a time for Monday, since I must be at work. I was never given a reason why they were late or why it just sat for 12 hours about 10 minutes from my home on the scheduled delivery date.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Reading your complaint and many of the others on this site I have figured out why so many companies are moving overseas!! The amount of people who take a day off of work so they can wait for a package to be delivered is mine numbing.

Next time have the package delivered to a friend or relative house or arrange to pick it up at the hub. Use your head once in a while.

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