Package to be delivered on 7/28/11 couldn't be delivered since no on was home! I happened to be standing in my driveway loading my car for a trip.

The garage door was open, the car doors were open, lights on in house and front door open. Then on 7/29/11 while I was on a trip, they dropped the package on the front porch. I dealt with the fraud department. The package was picked up and held at the central office. Called the central office to see when I could pick up the package ... it was returned to vendor. Three or four more calls and they would have the vendor return it when it arrived.

Vendor will not return it unless I arrange with the vendor to return it. Then they decided that they would stop the package before it got back to the vendor and return it to me.

Just filed a protest with VISA for the charge. Let VISA and UPS fight it out.

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smh that happened to today they said they came and they never did..and mi family was right next to mi house


You can request a chargeback to VISA but that won't hurt UPS, you didn't pay UPS you paid your vendor, who still owes UPS. So in essence your poor planning and communications skills have now cost your vendor money.

I'm sure they love having a 'customer' like you.

I order some stickers for my biz. tracking said that they were left at the door.

B.S. they where no where to be found and my family was home all day.

UPS drivers are just throwing *** away and saying they delivered it. :(

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