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Even though I was home all day no one bothered to knock just left note on door which I signed expecting next day delivery. no delivery. I have lost my tracking number as we tracked it last night supposed to be delivered today. I am still waiting. I have hepatitis and need my medicine. its after 4 and still no delivery. I will advise everyone I know to use Fed X rom now on because your service stinks. Customer service should have a way...
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Anonymous Not about The UPS STORE!! Learn to read!


Anonymous UPS Store and UPS are two different companies.
UPS Store has nothing to do with deliveries(brown trucks)
Therefore this is a UPS complain not a UPS Store complaint.

How is it that a company can only track a package by a tracking number, and not by destination or a sender? I was given the wrong tracking number by the sender, who is across the Nation so I can't get them due to the time change to get a correct number. I spent $500 to get something delivered overnight, and it expires if I don't get it on time. I'm sitting here waiting nearly 12 hours with no truck in sight, nobody at UPS wants to say anything...
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I placed an order on Friday August 26, 2016 before noon for a Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig Lace Deep Invisible L-part Julie before noon for next day delivery and was charged $31.19 in addition to the $31.09 for the wig, with tax the order came to $65.47. I was tracing my order per UPS and I noticed that it's been sitting in a facility 15 minutes away from me since 2am, when I called UPS was told that I would not be getting my wig until Monday...
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First time parcel from Italy arrived 2 weeks late - After my holiday. Despite me paying for next day delivery. This time I have waited in all day for a delivery, even received an email to say it was on time - 21.50 - The tracker says item is in Southampton from Leicester. I live in the Midlands so why have they taken it down SOUTH!! Totally useless. Customer services are on automated response emails ...GREAT!!! Avoid if you value your sanity...
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I didn't like
  • Your delivery
Spent a large amount of money to send a very small package that absolutely had to be there the next day. It was only a state away and any time the next day would have worked, but to ENSURE it arrived, we paid the substantial increase to guarantee 8AM delivery by the next day. This left us to assume that if it did not for some crazy reason make it there by 8AM as GUARANTEED, that it would at least trickle in the same day. Nope. Upon calling them...
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Working with UPS is impossible. Especially when their insurance is involved, They collect their insurance fees, and that is the last time you will hear from UPS. Any claim falls on deaf ears, And if you use one of the many UPS stores, which are contracted, and not part of the corporate UPS, you are screwed. They act like they are self insured and profiting from their inattention. and passive aggression towards customers. I actually had a UPS...
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I didn't like
  • Notice not left
  • Customer service at the store
The latest one was after 3 days of attempts between 6-7pm it never occurred to the UPS driver to show up between 9-5 when someone would be in the office to receive the package. I have even tried paying for next day delivery only to again have the package show-up at 9pm at night and get delivered to the wrong person. It took them almost a week to find it after that. At which point I returned the package because I wasn't going to give UPS credit...
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I liked
  • Awful
A client (who is located two hours from my home) sent me a project "next-day delivery"; it went out on Thursday and I was surprised when it did not arrive on Friday. When I tracked the parcel, I found out that it was scheduled for delivery on Monday. My contact with customer service was entirely unsatisfactory. All the representative did was restate my problem. "I understand your frustration. Your package is scheduled for delivery on Monday." So, UPS...
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