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I had a package shipped UPS Next Day Air Saver. On their website, in the description of the service UPS offers this as the 1st benefit of the service, "Guaranteed next-day delivery for peace of mind." Here’s what that means:- Package ships on Wednesday, I pay extra for the "benefit" of UPS’ guarantee and "Peace of mind," realizing I wouldn’t receive the delivery Thursday, I really needed it on Friday.- At 4 pm the truck arrives and my wife, my son and I hear the driver say that he couldn’t find it, but said they would do what they could to deliver it by 7 pm. - I call 800-pickups every 30 minutes to see if there was any information. Nothing other than my package was on the truck for delivery, which I already knew was not true.- By 6 pm, my "peace of mind" was gone. I got on the UPS website, found the customer support live chat where, at 6:30, I was told that the rep would contact the local facility and I would receive a call. I gave them my cell phone #.- After 47 minutes, I needed to use the restroom and unfortunately (though properly in my opinion), I’m one of those who doesn’t take his cell phone there.- At 7:17 I get a voicemail from the facility (no name offered, I might add) explaining that my package was "mistakenly" put on the wrong truck "so what will happen is we’ll put it on the right truck and deliver it Monday." Monday is too late. That’s why I paid for "guaranteed" 24 hour delivery even though I knew it would take 48 hours.- At 7:19 I called the # from which I received the voice mail. No answer. I look up the number to find it’s a cell phone not associated with any business.- So it’s back to 800-pickups where I hit 0 instead to get a real person. I asked the rep what could be done and offered to drive to the facility to pick it up the next morning. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and then told me she was sorry but they couldn’t "upgrade" my delivery.- I kind of lost it. I wasn’t asking for an "upgrade" just for some accommodation that was far, far less than the "guarantee" for which I had paid and which UPS royally fumbled. I elevated the issue, but after about an hour on the telephone the best I could get is a request to change delivery. That means I get to check the tracking of the package until Monday morning to see if they can actually accomplish it. Otherwise I wait until Monday afternoon, at which time, it’s too late- One more point: I was told that I have no recourse through UPS because I paid an extra fee to the shipper for the service. - 1st class mail would have had it here today, more than 48 hours faster that UPS’ 24 hour "guarantee."To sum up: I paid for 24 hour delivery knowing that it would take 48 hours because of the importance of receiving delivery by a certain time. UPS is now "guaranteeing me 120 hour delivery. I’m paying dearly for your mistake, UPS, and you can’t even allow me to make accommodations to the point of forgiving your promises and guarantees so my package can actually help me. Thanks.

I posted this to the UPS Facebook site. Here's what happened:


RemoveUPS D******, I would like to have the local center contact you on Monday morning about this again and make sure that this is out on the correct truck and will be delivered to you. Please email us here at with your tracking and contact information. ~ChristineLike · Reply · 39 minutes ago

RemoveD***** R********* You don't seem to understand MONDAY's TOO LATE. It doesn't matter by then. The time sensitive nature of my package is why I went to the 24 hour service. Don't you understand that 120 hours could cause problems for peopleLike · Reply · 26 minutes ago

RemoveD***** R********* It's sitting at the local center less than 20 miles from me, I needed it yesterday. Not Monday. I offered to bend over backwards to get it today. UPS doesn't care.Like · Reply · 24 minutes ago

RemoveD***** R********* Here's the auto response I got from Help@ups.comLike · Reply · 5 minutes ago

RemoveD***** R********* Auto-Response By (Administrator) (11/28/2015 09:42 AM)

Thank you for your email. Our Social Customer Service representative is working on your request and will respond to you within an hour when received Monday 8:00 a.m. EST – Friday 7:00 p.m. EST, emails received outside of these hours will be responded to by 9:00 a.m. Monday.


Social Customer Service

I have to admit it made me laugh.Like · Reply · a few seconds ago

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get my package to me today..

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