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Paid $34 Dollars to Next Day Air ship an important money order payment on 10/1 .. Package made it to Final city destination on 10/3.. Then Exception info appears on tracking on 10/4. Then lost package claim begins.. 10/5 then find the package and ship back. Package arrives 10/10 but doesn't go out for delivery.. Got a call from the store saying Claim was denied they will not refund my $34 because money orders have no value and spewed some ***...
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100% full

Shipped 4 packages NDA by UPS and insured them all. 2 arrived the next day at my vendor busted open and repacked, the following day the other two arrived damage and repacked. All items damaged and beyond repair. Filed claim with UPS. They sent 4 damage claim tags out and picked them up. Returned 2 to me, delivered one to someone who shipped back to by vendor who had to ship to me. They LOST one package and here 3 weeks later want me to file...
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I liked
  • Absolutely nothing
I didn't like
  • Ups failing to process claims for damage they did
I ordered Thyroid Support Gold two days ago and paid for air next day delivery; the item did not arrive until two days later.When I called and spoke with an agent by the name of Ross he basically said, there was nothing he could do about the slow delivery... "Take care and have a nice day!" Then I decided to call and talk to a manager. The manager had to call me back and she did and glumly told me I received the product when I was supposed to;...
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Annajudge Hi there,
I apologize if you had a negative experience with us Pet Wellbeing. I did locate your order and can see your shipping details.
I do want to let you know that ...


This particular UPS shipment was handled by a 3rd party on my behalf and has turned into a complete and utter snafu (clusterf..k would be a better adverb). A next day air shipment (an envelope) that was to travel less than 300 miles was shipped March 31 and 6 days later is still floating around their system. I could have walked this distance in less time to deliver it myself. After hours on the phone with "supervisors", the problem is still...
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I didn't like
  • Package delivered late