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So I sent a package to my friend via a UPS authorized shipper. They require signature but my friend works; they tried to deliver it 3 times and of course this was all in afternoon so they were all rejected because of the lack of signature.

Here's the kicker: My friend even wrote a NOTE saying "please leave by the doorstep" with her signature and they fail to honor this. I don't know what to do any more, I am at my wit's end. I tried calling customer support but they do not have a live person who can help me. The package is now being returned to shipper, and it had cost me $20 to ship it. If anybody has any ideas, PLEASE HELP ME!

For what it's worth, I am using USPS or FedEx from now on. They have a live number I can call.

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like John said below just because you sign the door tag, it doesnt require the driver to leave it if its not safe. drivers probably had problems in that area before and hes still responsible for it.


Same experience up here in Canada completely disreputable company


It clearly states that his friend left a note along with her signature and on all infonotice, this is allowed. You can call 18008339943 and press 0 to talk to live representative and they should be able to refund the shipping costs.

cough cough it's not like UPS or driver takes responsibility. the best they do/say is sorry there is nothing we can do at this time.

yes i am saying this out of anger but not without evidence. cough cough


Since the driver would be be responsible if anything were to happen to the package, they're not required to leave a package without a signature if they decide it's not a good idea. (ie.

bad neighborhood, weather, high value, etc.)

You could have requested a signature waiver when you first sent it, that probably would have done it. This is what any private carrier would have done.

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