Third time UPS was late with my delivery: email notification stated shipment will arrive between 2:15PM and 6:15PM. It finally arrived after 7:30PM - exact time unknown as my "extremely urgent" packet was just dropped off at my front door without the delivery guy bothering to ring my doorbell.

Guess he was a) either in a hurry, or b) didn't want to be chewed up again since I did express my dissatisfaction the last time my package was not delivered within the designated time window. What gets me is that the package was "out for delivery" at 6:45AM....

Have to tell folks to use FedEx next time!!!

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Out for delivery means it was put on a car, that is all. The drivers don't even leave the centers until 9 am.

And btw, they have more packages to deliver than just yours you selfish, self-righteous f00l.

So they will deliver it as soon as possible and they don't have to deliver anything except time guaranteed packages (eg NDA) until the end of the business day. Someone's package has to be last you know.

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The time of delivery is only an estimate, you complain when you have a Dr appointment and you do not get seen at the exact time of your appointment?

Dinner reservation, and you do not get seated at the exact appointed time, and you complain? Go to a movie, and it starts late, you complain about that, too?

Seems you feel the world revolves around, and the world should cater to you!

Sorry, reality is that will not happen!

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