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I've been waiting on a package for days and not I go to check the tracking number and it says LEFT at FRONT DOOR ..... what a load of ***.

Someone was home all day.

Also, driver never made an attempt to deliver my iPhone either nor did he leave a slip. Why are these drivers employed? UPS charges ridiculous fees to ship overnight etc and yet they cannot make a delivery? Are they that lazy?

Do they just not care of their jobs?

There are plenty of people out there who want to work. Sick of this useless company.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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can you let me know did you go any further action? I need your opinion!

UPS supposed to deliver my package to seaworld parks in order for me to get a refund but they never did and I lost $886.46 for 3 tickets. Please give any inexpensive advice.


Maybe someone stole it from your yard... just an idea.


Same here. I am confident our local driver has a nice collection of all of the packages that UPS says were left at the front door but were never actually delivered. I'm this close to shipping my iPhone to myself by UPS knowing the guy will steal it and then I can track my iPhone's location and bust this a-hole.


Yeah I was supposed to recieve my stuff today also! NEVER GOT A THING!

NO SLIP OR ANYTHING! They said they DELIVERED IT FRONT DOOR. Must've been front door to someone else because I sure as *** didn't get it.

I've been expecting this *** package all week. Excuse my language, but I'm HIGHLY upset of these morons.

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