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We had a package (a T shirt) scheduled to be delivered--with no signature confirmation. I was home all day on Monday, the scheduled delivery date.

However, when I went to track the item to see why it had not arrived, a note on the online tracking page stated that they came to the door and no one answered. However, I was home all day--no one came to the door. Furthermore, there was no notice left telling us they attempted a delivery. Lastly, the package did not require a signature, so they could have just left it there if they really did try to knock!

When I called the UPS station in Jacksonville, FL (where we live), they told me it was "too bad" and I had to drive 40 minutes to the warehouse to pick my item up within 5 days or they would toss it.

Unbelievable lack of customer service and neglect in their only job-to deliver packages. Makes me wonder why I paid for shipping.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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If you do not pay the full overnight charges , do not expect to get your package until they are forced to remove it from the warehouse, or someone accidentally tossed it on the truck.

If the status shows 'on time' by End of Day' and it is friday , you will NOT get your package until monday.

They will drive right past your place on friday and not deliver the package. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened.

Now when I lived outside of any city, they were right spot on time picking up and dropping off. Mass confusion city drivers. lol


Before retiring from Sears repair parts after 25 years I worked in the parts recieving and shipping department.We had cameras on our docks, Sears uses UPS primarily for shipping there parts.The UPS truck would pull up, the back doors would open, you would see the driver stepping all over packages, throwing packages everywhere, our broken parts were off the charts and still are. You would file complaints for broken parts credits but nothing was done about the problem, bad handling by the drivers.

I kid you not, it was just like Jim Carey in the movie Ace Ventera pet detective. I would suggest using Fed EX or the United States postal service, we never had a problem out of them.


:sigh :upset :x :roll :eek December is a bad time to make on line orders & use UPS as carriers of ur merchandise. UPS in NYC suck a great deal...shame on you UPS, bunch of jerks...

quit ur jobs lazy bastards & go on welfare. due to people like u the consumers are going thru *** & furthermore, I dont reccomend anyone to use UPS as carriers, u will go thru ***.

simply UPS arent good carrier's at all!! The Brown Truck Sucks With The Workers {BOOOO}!!!!!!!!


:( My paqckage never made it to me on Dec 3rd.. however,Living in NYC surprised me on what bunch of corrupted people have jobs & are hapless workers.

UPS carrier stated that he made a attempt & no 1 was home {BOGUS}!!!!!!!! I was home on friday the entire time withput stepping a foot outside. UPS carriers neglected to do a proper delivery. makes me wonder why am i paying $7.95 to have my merchandise deliver as promised.

I'll never use UPS again as a carrier,there bunch of *** workers, company should go bankrupt & vanish, there good for nothing!!!! :eek


Ordered a critical much needed part for my air compressor on friday 7/16/10 at 11:30 am. paid extra for 2 day shipping.

Its tuesday 7/20/10 part wasnt on truck! Its really no suprise though! throughout the years UPS has NEVER EVER delivered a package on time.TWO day shipping means THREE DAYS! every time!

From now on I will never buy anything online ever again Unless their shippng companyu is fed-ex. they have never let me down unlike the clowns at UPS.


I'm on hold right now with UPS waiting for a supervisor----have been for 19 minutes. Waited all day for a pkg to be delievered to my business for a client that needs it TODAY.

Saw that the pkg was on the truck for delievery. At 8pm tonight, realized that I didn't get it so I checked again and saw that it had "accidently" been left at the station and was NEVER on the truck to be delievered.

They said I would get it tomorrow. Yeah Right...their customer service sucks as well as the company....still on hold...going on 24 minutes now........


Same experience here.

Worked @ home and awaiting driver. Had my front door propped open. Status of package is "No one home. Left package under pot." UPS driver never came by. No pot for driver to leave a 19" monitor under.

I called and chewed out UPS, but they wouldn't log it or listen. They just tell me to inform the person who mailed to me.


I've also had the same experience. I have a friend who used to work for UPS and he that sometimes the drivers would run out of time to deliver packages or would want to go home early.

So they would mark it that no one was home to give themselves more time. Its pretty messed but there's not much we can do about it.