Willmar, Minnesota
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I ordered 2 items from 2 different companies, both were to have arrived on the same day according to Tracking info. We were home, no one rang a doorbell, no sign of the packages, but UPS can only say "The were delivered." I never saw a delivery pwerson, never heard a doorbell never saw the packages, but a phonecall the company only got me, "You need to call the seller .

. ." Why do I need to fix their problem? It's THEIR error!!! All they say is "But it says here it was delivered." It wasn't!

If I never saw the delivery person, never saw the packages, never got a UPS note, how is MY job to fix it?

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Classic evade and avoid tactics. It's not your problem, not the sellers.

They know it's them, but they have to throw someone under the bus, and since they're talking to you, they pick the other guy to avoid conflict, the seller.

I would have got the seller on conference call. Then what are they going to say?