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Every time Ups delivers my package and I have to call and complain I get made to feel like its my fault their drivers can't read. Seriously, my neighbor down the hill from me told me today he gets packages from all over the neighborhood left on his porch or thrown in the yard, and the many times I have called UPS its like they don't care.

I had the lucky happening to have one of their drivers once to throw my package over the gate while I had the headquarters on the phone and I made her get out of her vehicle and pick up that package and put it on the porch where it was supposed to be, and she was mouthing off the whole time.

Ups delivered my package yet again to the neighbors today, the box was dinged up and everything as well when he found it. It was too late for me to call this evening, but I will, again, tomorrow, and Im sure as per usual, I will get told its because my 4 foot address sign isn't clearly visible next to the road, or who knows what other nonsense. I would use a different carrier if my business shipped with anyone other than Ups.

I would recommend them to my worst enemy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

UPS Cons: Thoroughly unpleasant, Package being left at the neighbors.

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