Okay, Last Christmas A BUNCH of packages for me were delieverd to a house down the road from me! Luckily with me DRIVING ALL THE WAY TO THE UPS store and waiting forever for it to open, I got my packages back christmas eve night!!!

YESTERDAY, while I was at work, UPS dropped a small package off on my porch...Our House NUMBER IS RIGHT THERE IN BIG LETTERS!!!! Also as your driving up our road we put our house number too!!! So the package was suppose to go to another house right close to us...His House NUMBER WAS ALSO CLEARLY NOTICEABLE!!!!!! But heck no the UPS driver gave it to us!!!


I think they RACE to a house and hope its the right house and get out as quick as they can!!! FIRE these drivers that have the address RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!!!!!

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Are you an ***? Do you go to playgrounds and beat up the kids there for sport.

You can't keep someone's package and i hope they press charges. You're such a freakin' ***.

The driver facked up,so give them their shi!t a$$shole. Idiots like you *** me off.


lol, i hope your *** fits in nice n tite in your *** hole.


What the *** is wrong with you?


i hope u do rot in jail donot blame ups because u hit a 2yr old for peeing on your crappy lawn rot in jail ahole

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #168094

Because of UPS I AM NOW BEING CHARGED by our neighbor. They CALLED THE POLICE ON ME.

I recused to give them the contents in the package since UPS LEFT THE PACKAGE ON MY PORCH. I told them that I am keeping it since IT APPEARED ON MY PORCH. After the neighbor called the police on me, the police made me give the content to my neighbor, and my neighbor still wants to press charges, all because I slapped their two year old daughter for peeing on my lawn. Take this, the *** police refuse to press charges against the two year old who peed on my lawn.

When I told the mother this she said she is just being toilet trained and has accidents sometimes and that her 18 year old daugter could not get her to the washroom on time. Because of UPS I got in trouble with the police and possibly face a criminal record for theft. THEIR WORKERS NEED TO BE FIRED AND THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. All their fault that my neighbor is more angry at me and wants to press charges against me.

Thanks for ruining my life. With a criminal record I will never find another job.

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