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This started in early February 2011 when I shipped 16 packages from San Jose, CA to Surprise, AZ through UPS. When the UPS driver came to pick up my packages he had only one shipping document form with him. He asked me to fill out that one document and sign it. So I filled it out and signed it. He then told me when he got back to the distribution center HE would be the one to fill out the rest of the 15 forms and put them on each package.

But days later at the AZ destination, of the 16 packages only 14 boxes were delivered... 2 WERE MISSING. I called UPS to complain and I was transferred so many times to different departments, several of which were in the Philippines. Often I was hung up on. This went on daily for nearly a MONTH. I have all the records of all the UPS names and phone numbers that I called.

Finally I spoke to 'Rachael' in Sunnyvale, CA and complained to her about my missing two boxes. After several times contacting her, Rachael announced they had FOUND MY TWO BOXES - one was in San Bruno, CA and the other one was in Salt Lake City. I was elated. But after a few days they delivered only one package and it was SOMEONE ELSE'S BOX. I called to tell them and they came to take back the box the next day.

This problem with the missing packages continued. I called almost everyday to follow it up. Only after I threatened legal action did they suddenly tell me they WE FOUND THE PACKAGE. I was thrilled and relieved. FINALLY, I thought. BUT - when they delivered it, it was SOMEONE ELSE's.

Eventually I was asked to fill out a claim form, which reluctantly I did. They asked me if I had bought any additional insurance, to which I said no. They then asked me if I had read the VERY FINE PRINT on the back of the shipping documents. I said HOW CAN YOU READ THE FINE PRINT WHEN YOU NEED A MAGNIFYING GLASS TO READ IT? Also, IT HAD BEEN THE DRIVER that had filled out all the paperwork and signed the 15 documents! Afterward, UPS mailed me a check for $118.04, (which I haven't yet cashed), which was nowhere near the $2000 value of my missing package!

UPS assured me several times they HAVE MY PACKAGE, the package that was missing, the one with my valuables and important documents. THEY BALD-FACED LIED TO ME. It's VERY SUSPICIOUS that the ONE FORM that I filled out was for the ONE THAT WENT MISSING. The customer service people on the phone at UPS are very professional, no problem there, they know how to handle a hot customer. But they ONLY SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR.

I still shout: WHERE IS MY PACKAGE?? but it's on deaf ears. The value of the items in that missing box aside, the $118 is not even worth the aggravation and suffering and phone charges and YEARS OFF MY LIFE FROM STRESS.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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With all the blaming and he said she said aside....IF i were shipping something worth 2,000 dollars, let alone 15 packages worth that amount as you claim, I don't care what you say or who you are, I would make sure the process is followed through correctly. Whether it be following up with the driver to make sure they did what they promised or purchase the insurance. Those packages are only covered up to 100 dollars unless you claim more.


Wrong, Rick. The poster is not "blaming others". The UPS driver gave the poster WRONG information.

UPS is at fault here.


lesson #1 - insure your packages

lesson #2 - fill out your own waybills. the driver is not responsible for providing you with, or filling out your shipping documents. handle your own business and stop blaming others.

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