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So, UPS has a fantastic new service! MyChoice!

I get to CHOOSE when my packages get delivered. Note that I have already paid for that delivery in the shipping charges passed onto me by an online vendor. So, guess what? It costs AN EXTRA $6 fee, per package, PLUS having to give UPS all my personal information for *** marketing that no one on the planet actually pays attention to.

In addition: god forbid you have two or more names at the same address: each individual person needs a MyChoice account in order to redirect delivery. Terrible, terrible 'innovation' and awful customer service. I called to complain - which I never do (that's how pissed I am!), and the customer service rep told me that "it's been this way since the beginning? in terms of the additional fee.

Since the beginning of what? Of time? Of human history. Poor UPS.

I used to like you.

Waste of my time and my money. I will discourage use of UPS henceforth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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