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My shipment was being delivered to my residence address and I wanted it on my work address. Here's how my live chat with 3 associates went:

Initial Question: MyChoice info not updated in 4 hours I need to change my shipping address on a shipment

Alejandra Z.: Hi, this is Alejandra Z.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Parijat: Hi Alejandra

Alejandra Z.: We show that you are registered for My Choice and the option to change the delivery address is available. Are you correctly logged in to My Choice?

Parijat: I have a shipment in transit for me directed to my home address - I wantr it delivered to my work address. I have updated the info on my new MyChoice account nearly 4 hours ago. But I still can't change the delivery address

Parijat: yes i am

Alejandra Z.: Then, please select the tracking number and then click on Change Delivery

Parijat: if I click on "Change Delivery" it says "Become a MyChoice member"

Parijat: and then I dont see any place to enter the new address

Parijat: I am already a MyChoice member, it shouldn't be telling me that

Parijat: right?

Alejandra Z.: Yes, you are correct. I'm sorry to hear that the request is unable to be processed, even though you are actually registered.

In this case, I need to connect you to our technical support department to address this issue. Do you have any other questions before I connect you?

Parijat: no.. please go ahead and do that

Alejandra Z.: For your convenience, the new representative will be able to see our transcript. This way you don't have to repeat yourself. Enjoy your day.

Parijat: great

Alejandra Z. has disconnected.

Desiree H.: Hi, this is Desiree H.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Parijat: thanx

Parijat: Hi Desiree

Desiree H.: Unfortunately, the tracking number that you provided is not available through My Choice to change the delivery. This happens when the shipper puts a restriction on the package that will not allow the receiver to change the delivery. Please contact the shipper to have the delivery change processed.

Parijat: I have done that and they said I could change the delivery thru UPS

Parijat: What should I tell them?

Desiree H.: I am sorry, the person that shipped the package can change the delivery through the program that they processed the shipment through.

Desiree H.: The other option is to wait until the first delivery attempt is made and change the delivery with the Info Notice.

Parijat: ok

Desiree H.: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Parijat: Well since I'm sure the first attempt will not find me at home, can I ask for it to be dropped at the UPS store at Lemay so I could pick it up the same day?

Parijat: The UPS Store #2718

2601 S LEMAY, STE 7

FORT COLLINS, CO 80525-2247

Desiree H.: I am sorry, I would need to connect you over to a tracking representative for assistance. Would it be okay to connect you?

Parijat: sure.. but please include the chat transcript like the last guy

Desiree H.: Thank you, one moment please. For your convenience, the new representative will be able to see our transcript. This way you don't have to repeat yourself. Enjoy your day.

Desiree H. has disconnected.

Herbert F.: Hi, this is Herbert *** I'll be happy to assist you.

Parijat: Hi Herbert

Herbert F.: Hello

Parijat: I dont want the UPS guy to keep making attempts to find me at home during office hours.. Can I set a request for him to drop it at the above UPS location after the first attempt?

Herbert F.: Just a moment while I review your tracking information.

Parijat: ok

Herbert F.: I'm very sorry, at this moment the package status is prior the first delivery attempt and the possible options for it are not open yet. I cannot tell now

Please contact us after the attempt is made to look for the options allowed by the shipper.

Parijat: how soon is the info updated after the first attempt?

Herbert F.: Usually takes some minutes after the attempt is made

Parijat: is it safe to assume it'll be within half an hour?

Herbert F.: Unfortunately I could not tell.

Parijat: and will he have enough time to drop it to the UPs store the same day?

Herbert F.: Actually not, because every change to the delivery (send it to a UPS Store) will add one business day to the availability of the package.

Parijat: ok

Parijat: can I modify the time they would deliver at my house?

Parijat: could I request them to come over after 5:15PM?

Herbert F.: Due to day-to-day variations in package volume, driver delivery routes, driver pickup routes, and your location on these routes; UPS is unable to schedule a specific delivery time.

Herbert F.: Do you have any other questions?

Parijat: no

Parijat: i give up

Herbert F.: I'm sorry to hear that.

You're welcome. Good bye

Herbert F. has disconnected.

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already adding UPS my choice message to spam!

I don't have time to deal with them.

I either receive my item or refund from seller. That's simple.


Typical UPS BS.

I have the same situation where I cannot have my package redirected to a UPS Store for pickup.

What good is the My Choice membership if you can't redirect packages to alternate locations.


Here is my issue with ups my choice.

I signed up because I run a small bushiness out of my home. I get shipments on a regular basis and need them with in a certain period of time.

My problem is I tell them to leave it at my front door on the my choice site. This is supposed to serve as a signature and they should leave it. This is false. It is up to the driver if they leave it or not.

I am in the security industry and have high def cameras all over my home that will protect the driver if something is stolen. I told this to the drivers but said they will not leave the package if is worth more than 1500$. My advise to anyone looking to get the my choice is DO NOT DO IT. There are no advantages to it.

Oh and what really set me off is this morning I was going to have a package picked up and I figured this should be covered because the rest of it was BS Nope. UPS needs to rethink the my choice and make sure the drivers know how it is supposed to work.


Feels necessary to comment on this in case google led you here like it did me. 3 years after the initial post and UPS website still tells me to repeatedly log in even though I'm already logged in when I try to change the delivery address. This is pretty unacceptable on their part.


I went through the pain of this too.

It will tell you to endlessly login if the delivery address has not been verified, which means the delivery address has to match the address in your profile, and that address has to be 'verified'.

If you remember when you created your account, they verify your identity with special questions.

Solution to change delivery when address changes?

Create another account. Don't waste time trying to talk to UPS or wait for some unspecified period after changing the address in the profile settings.

Just make sure you are logged in as your new account when you are changing delivery.

If you think you are logged in as your new account and you hit 'change delivery' and it asks you to log in like before, just log in 1 more time as your new account. Should work.


UPS My Choice does not work with Safari.


Yes, UPS should reschedule their route of 1000s of packages so you can get yours when it is most convenient for you.


I ordered some shoes and failed to notice they would be delivered to my old address,until it was too late. I want the package re-routed to my new address or held at the local UPS store.

BTW, I have tried for 4 days to do this, so I know there's plenty of time. :upset I have tried everything; enrolled in "My Choice", which took me into feedback loops going nowhere. I called UPS and they claim they can't do anything until an attempt to deliver is made, which is BS and not what their website promises.

It's useless to even attempt to deal with them.


You would have been better off requesting same day will call than requesting it be redirected to a particular store. They may have even left it at the same store for you.


Kinda of a whinner aren't you


I'm not there yet. Today they'll make the first attempt and find my house locked.

Then they update the info on their system, notify me, and then I can change the delivery location.

I'm not saying it is horrible, but with a system in place like "MyChoice", I should be able to set these things before hand.

For example, if I could preset the alternate delivery location, they could make the second attempt at the new place.

What happens now is they make one attempt, update the system at the end of the day and by the time I can refresh it and respond with a new address, offices have closed. Hence the delivery which should come the the next business day, loses one more day and comes the day after.


I am having a similar problem with MyChoice. I am attempting to add a new delivery address.

The address I enter is my residence, but MyChoice says it is a commercial address. I spoke with UPS on the phone and they followed their procedure to confirm that my address is indeed a residence and not commercial. Several days later I received an e-mail confirming that my address is a residence and that their system now reflects that change. However, MyChoice still insists that my address is commercial and will not let me add the address.

I spoke with several people at UPS about this and finally got to a person, who basically said it can't be fixed and there is no one who he can escalate the problem to. I have worked many years with IT systems and databases and I know that someone, somewhere at UPS must know how to maintenance the system to correct errors, but the people I have spoken to have no clue and I feel stuck.


So, they told you after the first delivery attempt, to call and have it changed to the alternate address.

That sounds as though you get it the next day, so, no problem, except you get it one day later.

Did you do that and get it the next day ?

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