When I realized I would be away when a UPS package was scheduled for delivery, I went online and saw that UPS offers "UPS My Choice," a CONVENIENT service that makes it easy to change delivery dates and other details, so I went through the trouble to sign up, PAID $5.00 for the "service." My new delivery date was confirmed in numerous emails from UPS My Choice that day and following days, including the new delivery day, announcing that my package had been successfully rescheduled for Friday by end of day. Several calls to UPS Customer Service on the new delivery date brought further assurances; at 8:30pm, I said, "But, it's already 8:30pm." The agent assured me it was out for delivery and could still be delivered that evening (the internet showed it "in transit" from a location just a few miles from my home).

As it was birthday gift, we stayed up late, lit up the house like a Christmas tree, and waited. At 11:30pm, I called again and was passed around to several people, finally to a "supervisor," who said he could not verify the package was ever loaded onto the truck, and that a Customer Service rep would call me Monday at 10am, to schedule the package for "REDELIVERY." I said please do not use that term; delivery was never attempted; it is not a redelivery. The supervisor assured me I could register all my complaints with the person calling on Monday. The person who called on Monday was with "Dispatch," not Customer Service.

She said she could only contact the "person responsible" for THE mistake and ensure that she was properly trained... as she was filling in for someone on vacation and had not entered the change ticket correctly. I assured the dispatch person there were clearly MULTIPLE issues and mistakes regarding my package, not just one or one person. She said to register my complaint, I would need to call the CUSTOMER SERVICE number and ask for a SUPERVISOR.

The supervisor I spoke with on Friday, my delivery date, had shown no interest in recording or correcting my complaints, only in passing me off to the next unsuspecting UPS employee. So, I assured the dispatcher that, once I have this package today -- now set for APPROXIMATELY 3:30pm, I would never use UPS again... and certainly not UPS MY CHOICE...

in my book, UPS My Choice is the ABSOLUTE WRONG CHOICE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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