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I work out of town alot and like most people am not able to be home when deliveries are made. I had orderd an item from a company that deal with jewelry and such ( an awsome skull ring with red cz eyes and tribal style tattoos engraved into it ) ,so in much anticipation I came home expecting to see a small package waiting on the stoop , but Upon pulling in the drive and eagerly looking around the door, Nothing!

Except for a little piece of paper requesting a signature upon delivery. Ok as I said Im almost never home ,well I can just call and have them waive the whole signature thing they'll understand my circumstance right ? I mean I am the consumer paying for the service.Not so much ! You see apperently the $12.99 I gave them for the 2nd day air shipping option doesn't really count for much on the cutomer appreciation scale but it does inevidably make your package inaccessable to you if you cam not be present at the time of the delivery, or get off of work prior to 7 o clock mon-fri .

Anyways I call to reschedule the drop or to not have to sign as I live in a fairly good area and really had no concerns about them just leaving it on my porch . Well they couldn't just leave it , nor could they provide any time that they could deliver or I could pick it up , so with no viable options I got a little short fused and said " well If I cant recieve the package that I'm payin you to deliver you mat as well just ship back ! " Thats what he did quicker than I'd ever seen ups move . I know beacause I was still after hanging up trying to get the package I had ordered.

The package that was literally on my front porch just hours ago that came across the country to be there. Didn't make a whole lot of sense to me to ship it all the way back or wait any longer for it . So after 2hours and countless ups customer service reps I found that either they are lazy incompitent or their system is just not effective and nobody could reverse the cancellation or reschedule a drop off date ( I was able to make arrangements after the fact). They all tried to pawn me off and say you can only reschedule using the myups website ,so I signed up and tried , didnt work wouldnt let me correct the problem .I'm sorry but if you can't do anything as a cs rep you should not have a job!

I know it all soumds kinda petty but us little guys that buy something here and there or alot of car and bike parts like me . Dammit were their bread and butter they aught to treat us accordingly. I will go out of my way to avoid dealing with these jokers.

Our us postal service needs saving anyways..I probably missed alot of the details but I hope I got my point across. IM PAYING ITS MY PACKAGE BOUGHT AND PAYED FOR , IM SORRY IF I DONT WORK BANKERS HOURS BUT DAMMIT YOU NEED TO WORK WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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They are ***! They sent it back per your request so whats your gripe ***??

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