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Driver left note indicating I had a package in need of a signature but that I could check the box waiving the need. Driver returns at the same time the next day indicating that despite checking the box a signature is required. Then why did he leave me an instruction, that followed, does not work?

Then I receive a post card from UPS that states I can pick up the package by the following Monday.

I go to the UPS Center on Monday and am told that the package was returned to sender on Friday. I displayed the card that clearly indicates Monday and proceed to request Customer Service. Why am I sent a card with misinformation? Despite the written communication UPS did not deliver.

UPS provides a phone number for the sender of the package. I call it. It is disconnected. Why does UPS provide me a number that does not work?

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On that infonotice that you are referring to there are actually a few different boxes. If you read it very carefully it does confirm that the only box that can be checked for you to give instruction to leave it is "your written authorization is req to leave pkg" if it says any signature is required then of course that means in person....read the infonotice once more....not saying you have no right to be upset but I thought I should share that with you

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