UPS misdelivered a package of expensive diabetic supplies, which I never received, and then refused to take responsibility, or even try to investigate the missing package. It was allegedly delivered at 6:56 PM on Friday 5/30, and I called them at 7:00PM when it didn't arrive.

I was RUDELY told it's there, look around for it". My building door was locked (had been since 6:45 PM, and my upstairs neighbor told me that she'd been waiting for a package, and NO UPS delivery had come. I immediately called UPS back, and they refused to be of any help. I escalated this, and really NOONE wanted to even try to help.

This isn't the first time UPS has botched deliveries (many times the misdelivered packages have been "rescued" by neighbors or my mail carriers.

I would describe UPS's service as a dog's breakfast.

HORRIBLE. Shame on them!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Mail Service.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1288724

boy I'll say. How are they still in business?


We just had a similar problem. We live in North Carolina, and my wife's insulin pump supplies were to be sent via overnight UPS for delivery yesterday.

When we got no delivery, we checked the management office for our apartment building (which is supposed to receive ALL deliveries, including UPS). No deliveries.

We just found out today, from a former neighbor, that UPS had decided a) that our North Carolina address was "undeliverable" for some reason, and b) since they had a record of our former address in Iowa, they'd simply ship the package to THAT address. Now my wife is without supplies until Monday, when we have to depend upon UPS again.

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