So this is the second time a UPS delivery person had to make a snide comment during a devilery to my home. The first time: I ordered a few things from Victoria's Secret but the sizes were wrong so I exchanged them.

When the UPS guy delivered the second package my boyfriend answered the door and signed for me. I was sitting in the living room and heard the UPS guy say, "Man, your WIFE! She's something, huh?" In this sleazy tone, implying that I order an excessive amount of (what he imagined to be) lingerie. Today I got a package from a different UPS delivery man and as he was handing my package over he says in this very hostile tone, "You sure like to shop a lot, don't you?" As if I am some crazy QVC obsessed lady because I've had a few packages delivered to me this month (which is very out of the ordinary).

The funny thing is, I don't shop much at all, which is probably why most things I do buy, I buy online.

It really shows a lack of professionalism to make comments about what/how much paying customers are buying. Next time, I'll give my business to delivery companies who are friendly or better yet, keep their mouths shut.

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