I bought a part online. I'm in a rural area - long driveways, lots of homes (mine included) can't see the road from the house.

UPS "delivered" my package by tying it to a trash can out at the road! Sheer luck that I even went down the driveway to see it before it got grabbed by bored kids walking by.

Oh, and in case you're wondering - the driveway is in good shape, no gate, dogs securely fenced nowhere even near the driveway, absolutely no obstacles whatsoever... And I telecommute full time, so I'm always home during delivery hours 'cause I'm working.

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That's not that bad. UPS delivered a 10X16 inch canvas picture and left the box in the grass by our mailbox in a storm.

By the time we got home the wind pushed it in the street and we found it in the gutter being flooded with rain water.

Picture was ruined and UPS did not care. "They only were responsible for the delivery of the package."


a few questions...

How do you tie a square box to a huge trash can? I didnt know people carried ropes around..

He didnt throw the package if he tied it, so why would you insinuate that he threw it?

Why would kids want to take your trash. Bored kids would kick over your cans... This is in no way luck..

Im not saying what the guy did was right, but trying to make it look like fed ex throwing a computer over a fence seems extreme. Maybe the normal guy was on vacation,and the guy was afraid there was no turn around since the house is not even visible from the road....

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