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UPS Mgt. has directed drivers NOT to deliver packages to my address after they said "a delivery was made on 12/22/13 & left on my front porch". I made a police report for this $40.00 package as requested by UPS but when I took it too the local hub they said, "we don't need that or want it", WTF?

Soon after they decided not to leave packages & by they I mean the old driver, once that was resolved as packages were being left again.....

The UPS mgt. has NOW decided 7/1/14 drivers may NOT leave packages unless signed for even after the shipper insures all packages along with NOT requiring delivery signatures and only 1 package UPS said was delivered has EVER gone missing from my address! In 12 years I have NEVER had this issue with FedEx, delivering to the same spot and leaving packages without any signature!

UPS has now decided to hold my paid for, insured packages HOSTAGE, making Me Drive to the hub in order to retrieve what they have been PAID to deliver and refuse to do. I called Germany (where my package came from) to inform them I will not be able to buy directly from their company due to UPS being incapable of performing the job they have been paid to do.

Needless to say the company was NOT HAPPY and I can only hope they switch to FedEx, removing Usually Pathetic Service from the suitable transporter list.

UPS SUCKS! Oh, on top of making me drive to get my own package the entire box was destroyed but then again it's not the first time!

No customer service with UPS as they could care less that your mad about doing their job while they dictate WHO will get deliveries!


Donna in Michigan

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